Real Visual Basic


Boek in goede staat.

‘– “From the trenches” experience: practices that work, and those that don’t.
— Advanced, in-depth coverage of object-oriented and database design with VB6.
— Exposes the myths of enterprise VB development — and replaces them with reality!

In this book, expert developer Dan Petit brings together all the practical, real-world techniques and skills developers need to succeed with VB6 in enterprise environments. From project management to database design, ActiveX controls to quality metrics, this book delivers solutions that are proven to work — and insightful warnings about what not to do! In Part I, Petit introduces the enterprise VB6 project lifecycle, as well as key techniques for gathering requirements, using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools effectively, documenting projects, establishing coding standards, and keeping development on track. Next, Petit presents a detailed discussion of the “ins and outs” of designing VB software, starting with architectural issues and then moving to user interfaces, application and database design. The book’s thorough implementation coverage introduces solid VB and data access coding practices; best techniques for creating ActiveX controls; debugging distributed applications; and more. Finally, Petit walks step-by-step through testing, reviewing, and distributing software, including proven solutions and metrics for quality assurance.

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