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This is the tenth book in the “Sword of Truth” series from bestselling author Terry Goodkind. It is a fantasy adventure on a grand scale, featuring the popular wizard-hero Richard Cypher. Terry Goodkind’s first novel, “Wizard’s First Rule”(1994), established him immediately as a major voice on the epic fantasy scene. Subsequent books in the “Sword of Truth” series have climbed steadily up the international bestseller lists. The saga of “The Sword of Truth” started growing in Goodkind’s mind during the early 1990s, while he was building his house in the forests of the northeastern U.S. “It started with the character of Kahlan, and grew from that seed,” he recalls. “It really became a haunting experience. As soon as I started writing “Wizard’s First Rule”, I knew writing was my calling. I’ve found something to which I truly want to dedicate my life.”

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