Red Alert (Alistair MacLean’s UNACO)


Opgelet beetje andere cover. Boek in redelijke staat, redelijk wat ouderdomssporen, vlekjes/verkleuring, kromme rug. Boek wel perfect leesbaar

A deadly virus has been stolen, and the thieves plan to use the hundred million pound ransom to fund terrorist armies. When the mission looks impossible, the world calls upon UNACO. The Italian Red Brigades raid the US-owned Neo Chem laboratory between Rome and Tivoli and steal a vial of deadly DNA virus. They plan to trade the vial – which if opened could kill millions – for a hundred million pounds, to be paid to the terrorist armies of five European countries. The deadline approaches: a summit conference in Switzerland, at which the terrorists threaten to release the virus into the atmosphere if their demands are not met. UNACO agents Mike Graham, C.W. Whitlock and Sabrina Carver are summoned back urgently from leave. Their mission is to find and secure the vial before a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions takes place…

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