Beginning PHP and Oracle

Boek in goede staat. Veel belangrijke dingen netjes aangeduid. KNK op cover

This is an adaptation of Jason Gilmore’s best-selling book, Beginning PHP and MySQL. It’s a recognition of the growing use of PHP with commercial databases, Oracle in particular, enabling readers in Oracle-based shops to learn PHP on their chosen platform. Supplying the Oracle expertise is Bob Bryla, co-author of the Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook and many other titles. His easy-going and straightforward style is an excellent match for Jason’s, making their book one of the best things going for those wanting to learn about using PHP with Oracle.


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Auteur: W Jason Gilmore
Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Paperback
Jaar: 2007
Pagina’s: 763
ISBN: 9781590597705